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Ray Price "Beauty Is" CD

Ray Price

Ray Price "Beauty Is" CD

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The great Ray Price was old & dying, with a doctor's hopeless news echoing in his head of pancreatic cancer. His wife, Janie, asked him what he wanted to do with the rest of his time, figuring he might be most comfortable resting on their Texas farm. No, he said, weak and certain. He said, 'I want to cut another album: I want to lay down one last one before I leave this world,' Janie says. "It was his love of music that carried him back into the studio and out of the sadness that we'd fallen into.
It was a terrible time, going through chemotherapy and radiation and all the complications, but he never lost focus of what it was he wanted to do. Price's main request was that his final record be accompanied by a string section. The producer brought in conductor/arranger Bergen White for the task. An A-Team of Nashville musicians took part. Current stars Vince Gill & Martina McBride lent their voices to the project.
Weakened & gaunt from medical treatments, Ray Price made 5 trips from TX to Nashville to record his vocals. "At first, the Ray Price voice just wasn't there, so he'd try, again & again. He said, 'I'm afraid I'm running out of time.'" He rallied in the summer and fall of '13. He completed the recording in Oct '13. He passed away less than two months later at age 87.
Ray had dedicated the album "Beauty Is..." to his wife Janie. "He said, 'All these years, you've asked me if I really loved you, and I have been remiss in telling you how I feel,' " Janie Price says. "He said, 'I've done this for you. I want you to have it to listen to when I'm not here, to hear me telling you how much I love you.' "

Song List:
1. Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder
2. This Thing of Ours
3. I Can See You
4. It Always Will Be
5. No More Songs to Sing
6. An Affair to Remember
7. Senses
8. Until Then
9. Beautiful Dreamer
10. I Wish I Was 18 Again
11. Among My Souvenirs
12. I Believe

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