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  • White Slat Rocking Chair - RTA

    White Slat Rocking Chair - RTA

    5 stars
    Wonderful Rocker
    June 11, 2013
    I got mine for my birthday a few years back and then ordered a matching side table (should have got two!).

    We love it. Recently we noticed one of the arms is pulling away from back of chair, but husband thinks it might be stripped. So far,
    still working perfectly. I love the looks, from the day I first sat in them in Hilton Head, SC (that CB is no longer there, wah!).

    My family has bought at least 6-8 of them, and four sit outside my sister's beauty salon in Ramona, CA. Chained to the store. The chains were cut once, and all the chairs stolen. She replaced them again with CB rockers, just like the first ones!

    We are big fans of CB and their rocking chairs on the porch! I think they're building one in CA finally, but in Riverside (we're in San Diego county). Hurry, hurry, come here!! I miss my Coca Cola cake, my Chicken n Dumplin's, and pancakes and so on.

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