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  • Hardwood Slat Rocking Chair - RTA

    Hardwood Slat Rocking Chair - RTA


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    5 stars
    Have a 3rd
    June 8, 2014
    We bought a pair (white slat) to go along with a cheaper pair we already owned for our b&b. These are MUCH heavier and better made. We sold the b&b and furnishings but the CB pair easily withstood our year of daily guests, (no flaking or splitting) some of who were pretty rough on them...dragging them downstairs, upstairs and around back to the pool area. People enjoyed them so much, we never knew where we would find them! The cheaper pair did split and the runners were damaged and arms started to flake..but not the CB pair. 2 years later, we drive by the place and the CB rockers are still rocking along!

    We were thrilled our sons recently gave us one, a wood slat, as a birthday present for our current home and we plan to add a 2nd asap! Nothing can last forever, but we are very, very happy with these rockers.

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