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  • Bob's Mint Sticks

    Bob's Mint Sticks


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    5 stars
    September 3, 2011
    The first time my ex-husband while we were still married took me to a Cracker Barrel Restaurant for dinner we went walking through the store and I noticed the Bobs Mint Sticks. He bought me 3 of them and they lasted quite awhile. The next time we went he bought me 5 bags of them. They lasted even longer, then the restaurant closed and I have not been able to get to another Cracker Barrel since. I smoke cigarettes and at one point I almost gave up cigarettes for these but when I couldn't get them any more I started smoking again, so I guess I will just have to order them online which is ok too. But all in all Bobs Mint Sticks are wonderful and when you have one you feel like a kid again or start imagining yourself at an old fashioned Christmas party. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL

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