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  • Cherry Cobbler Filling

    Cherry Cobbler Filling


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    5 stars
    Old Fashioned Delight
    August 26, 2012
    It was a wonderful delight to experience the old-fashioned taste of the Cracker barrel "Cherry Cobbler Filling."
    Cracker barrel really did it right when they packaged their fruit cobbler fillings in glass jars. The taste brought back memories of faraway years, when my mother (long gone now) would cook her delectable cobblers and pies.
    The Cherry Cobbler Filling was absolutely scrumptious, loaded with cherries, and had a perfect blend of tarty sweetness.
    The large 25 ounce jars are well worth the price.
    To top it off, the "Apple Crisp Topping" Cracker Barrel offers, goes well with the cherry cobbler.
    Very, very delicious!
    Thank you for the experience.

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