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  • Pure Natural Pancake Syrup

    Pure Natural Pancake Syrup

    5 stars
    The Best Syrup Ever
    February 9, 2014
    Ok, I was in FL on vacation when I encountered Cracker Barrell's syrup. I was sooo blown away by their syrup, I begged to take some with me. They accommodated me with a couple bottles & so too happy to pack them in my suitcase to head back to Phila. I have a terrible sweet tooth, absolutely criminal, that's how bad I love sweets. So since I've been home I've been looking everywhere for more CB syrup. Didn't know CB had a store online. Now I can over dose on the stuff. I love the fact it's not thick. It's "not watered down". It's complimentary to those who probably shouldn't have it. That way everybody can enjoy it. Thank you CB. I'm in tears with joy as I jump around like a muppet. Muah! Love ya!

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