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  • Pure Natural Pancake Syrup

    Pure Natural Pancake Syrup


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    5 stars
    Still better than the processed syrups!
    October 24, 2012
    This is still pure maple syrup, it's just diluted a bit with natural cane sugar. It's still all-natural, tastes great, and way better for you than the other processed syrups you'd normally find in other restaurants. I understand the change, offering 100% pure maple to all your customers would be expensive. Reading my old Cracker Barrel 100% Pure Maple Syrup bottle I discovered it was "Maple Grove Farms of Vermont U.S. Grade A Dark Amber" in a Cracker Barrel bottle. So now I buy their syrup at my grocery store. This is my 2nd choice and I still enjoy it when I eat here.

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