Pocket Fisherman

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The Ronco PF100100GENB Pocket Fisherman features rod and reel loaded with fishing line, hook, swivel weight and boober.
  • Perfect for kids of all ages. Lightweight construction makes it easy to handle
  • Durable enough to be your first and last fishing pole
  • Comes with everything you need to go fishing today; hook, swivel weight, bobber, practice casting plug and 2 bonus lures
  • Compact design folds in half to fit into your pocket or store in your glove compartment
  • Mini tackle box hidden in the handle for storage on the go
  • Replaceable reel and reel cartridge
  • Anti-reverse feature prevents the handle from turning backwards
  • Ten-year limited warranty
Care And Maintenance
After a day's fishing the reel should be rinsed inside and out with fresh water and dried. Then lightly oil and grease the easily accessible parts. This is more important if it has been used for saltwater fishing.
17" H x 4" W x 4" D
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