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Bakersfield: Deluxe Edition CD

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The "Bakersfield: Deluxe Edition" CD is an exclusive and expanded edition of the critically-acclaimed album from 20x GRAMMY Award-winning artist Vince Gill and famed steel guitarist, Paul Franklin. The album pays tribute to the 'Bakersfield' country sound with songs by the legendary Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. This exclusive Deluxe Edition CD includes four additional songs you'll only find at Cracker Barrel!
Track Listing
1. Foolin' Around (Made Famous By Buck Owens)
2. Branded Man (Made Famous By Merle Haggard)
3. Together Again (Made Famous By Buck Owens)
4. The Bottle Let Me Down (Made Famous By Merle Haggard)
5. He Don't Deserve You Anymore (Made Famous By Buck Owens)
6. I Can't Be Myself (Made Famous By Merle Haggard)
7. Nobody's Fool But Yours (Made Famous By Buck Owens)
8. Holding Things Together (Made Famous By Merle Haggard)
9. But I Do (Made Famous By Buck Owens)
10.The Fightin' Side of Me (Made Famous By Merle Haggard)
11.Your Tender Loving Care (Made Famous By Buck Owens)
12. Buckin' Merle (Instrumental)
13. I Threw Away the Rose (Made Famous By Merle Haggard)
14. High on a Hilltop (Made Famous By Merle Haggard)