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Chris Janson - Everybody CD

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This record is the follow-up to his successful major-label debut "Buy Me A Boat. "I decided to title this album "Everybody" because that's exactly who inspired it," said Janson. "Real songs, real stories and songs that I believe people from every walk of life can relate to. It's "Everybody," and it's all on this record." The brand new album is fueled by the success of its lead single "Fix A Drink," which currently continues to rise within the Top 30 on country radio.
Track Listing
  1. Who's Your Farmer
  2. Everybody
  3. Name On It
  4. Eyes for Nobody
  5. Fix a Drink
  6. Out There
  7. Little Bit of Both
  8. Our World
  9. Bein' a Dad
  10. When You Like Me
  11. Redneck Life
  12. Drunk Girl