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Lady Antebellum - Heart Break CD

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HEART BREAK ranges from the sweet melancholy of "Somebody Else's Heart" to the dramatic, surging ballad "Hurt," which is a powerful vehicle for Scott's voice as she soars over a spare rhythm section and classic string arrangement. With the clever extended metaphor of its lyrics and percolating groove, "Army" has a feel that's a throwback to ム70s pop, while the bright, breezy lift-off of "Think About You," with an R&B-style guitar bouncing off of a banjo lick, is entirely of the moment.ᅠ
Track Listing
  1. Heart Break
  2. You Look Good
  3. Somebody Else's Heart
  4. This City
  5. Hurt
  6. Army
  7. Good Time To Be Alive
  8. Think About You
  9. Big Love In A Small Town
  10. The Stars
  11. Teenage Heart
  12. Home
  13. Famous