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Lauren Alaina - Road Less Traveled CD

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Country star Lauren Alaina released her brand new album, Road Less Traveled, on January 27th. Lauren, showing her evolution as a songwriter since her No. 1-debuting first album, Wildflower, co-wrote all 12 songs on the new album including her current Top 20 single and title track, "Road Less Traveled." From start to finish, Lauren shares the complexities of her life with sophistication and personality.
Track Listing
  1. Doin' Fine
  2. My Kinda People
  3. Three
  4. Road Less Traveled
  5. Queen Of Hearts
  6. Think Outside The Boy
  7. Painting Pillows
  8. Next Boyfriend
  9. Crashin' The Boys' Club
  10. Same Day Different Bottle
  11. Holding The Other
  12. Pretty