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Lee Brice - Lee Brice CD

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Lee says, "Writing this record was a personal and vulnerable experience. Every song is a snapshot of who I am right now. I've labored over every word and every note, and I can't wait to share it." As you listen through, you'll hear themes of family, love, traditions, ties-that-bind and the American ideals of quality and hard work all wrapped up in rich tones, textured instrumentation and, Lee's evocative vocal.
Track Listing
  1. What Keeps You Up At Night
  2. Little Things
  3. American Nights
  4. Boy
  5. They Won't Forget About Us
  6. I Don't Smoke (by Lee Brice and Warren Haynes)
  7. You Can't Help Who You Love
  8. Rumor
  9. The Locals
  10. Songs In The Kitchen
  11. Story To Tell (Little Bird) (by Lee Brice, Edwin McCain and Warren Haynes)
  12. Have A Good Day
  13. Eyes Closed
  14. Dixie Highway
  15. The Best Part Of Me