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Blake Shelton - Texoma Shore CD

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Country superstar Blake Shelton remains firmly rooted as a proud Oklahoman with his album, Texoma Shore. "Lake Texoma has always been a place of great memories, new and old," said Shelton. "I literally recorded this album here at its shore, so it's full circle to have the love of this place and the love of country music come together here." Texoma Shore follows in the footsteps of Shelton's last album, If I'm Honest, which was the best-selling country album released in 2016.
Track Listing
  1. I'll Name the Dogs
  2. At the House
  3. Beside You Babe
  4. Why Me
  5. Money
  6. Turnin' Me On
  7. The Wave
  8. Got the T-Shirt
  9. Hangover Due
  10. When the Wine Wears Off
  11. I Lived It