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Florida Georgia Line - Dig Your Roots CD

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Returning for their 3rd record, Florida Georgia Line brings the next evolution in their sound. Dig Your Roots, features the same songwriting depth we've come to know and love along 15 songs unlike anything you've heard before. As the band matures, it is reflected in the new album with songs that share a more personal journey while still tuning in on the good times.
Track Listing
  1. Smooth
  2. Dig Your Roots
  3. Life Is A Honeymoon ft. Ziggy Marley
  4. O.L.Y.
  5. Island
  6. May We All ft. Tim McGraw
  7. Summerland
  8. Lifer
  9. Good Girl, Bad Boy
  10. Wish You Were On It
  11. God, Your Mama, and Me ft. Backstreet Boys
  12. Music Is Healing
  13. While He's Still Around
  14. Grow Old
  15. Heatwave