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Little Big Town - The Breaker CD

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"The Breakerᅠis about letting go of things that break you, it's about the new ground you try and break as a human being and as a musician.ᅠ Sometimes you're the one that's broken and sometimes you're the breaker," says Fairchild. "It's a sentimental record because we're feeling super grateful for our friends and family and the chance to share the next chapter."
Track Listing
  1. Happy People
  2. Night On Our Side
  3. Lost In California
  4. Free
  5. Drivin' Around
  6. We Went To The Beach
  7. Better Man
  8. Rollin'
  9. Don't Die Young, Don't Get Old
  10. Beat Up Bible
  11. When Someone Stops Loving You
  12. The Breaker