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Kelly Kraisinger

Kelly "Karaoke Queen" Kraisinger is the woman behind the words on and uses her love of puns, rhymes and alliteration to create copy that's fun and poppy!

Whenever Kelly needs a break from creating and managing content for our blog, emails and website, she likes to dive into the data by looking at Google Analytics before updating the homepage and product pages.

In her free time, you can usually find Kelly at concerts, comedy shows, sporting events and other happenings around Nashville, or traveling to spend time with family and friends. Kelly also serves on the board of the radio station where she once hosted a morning music show called My Morning Mixtape for several years.

Emily Free

Emily "Unicorn" Free is the creative eye behind, but you may recognize more than just her eye since her face also graces the website as a Cracker Barrel model.

When not in front of the camera, or signing autographs for adoring fans, Emily manages all of the photo shoots and website design for, making sure we feature our exclusive products and curated collections in a way our Guests will enjoy seeing each and every time they visit our site. Emily's vision presents our products in a way that proves we're more than just a gift shop, we're a lifestyle brand.

Outside of work, Emily enjoys watching bird videos with her boyfriend and two cats, Lil G and Monkey (no, we're not making that up), cheering on the Nashville Predators, going to concerts, traveling, playing with kinetic sand and is always "Free" for a bite to eat because you do not want to mess with her when she's hungry!

Matt Brinkley

Matt "Brink" Brinkley is the man with a plan, making sure products get uploaded on to the website and site enhancements are implemented and working properly.

In addition to making friends wherever he goes, Matt keeps the entire team on-task when it comes to getting products up on the website. He's also recently taken over projects to enhance the look and usability of the site as we continually work on improving the Guest experience.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, Charlotte, and their two dogs, Snoop and Dora. He also enjoys creating projects for himself around the house in order to use his pressure washer, leaf blower and the rest of his new toys. This eCommerce superstar was once a college basketball player (although most of the screens he deals with nowadays are attached to a computer) and gets to use his skills to help coach a youth basketball team. In addition to all of that, you can find Matt hitting the ski slopes, dropping his kayak in a river, boating on a lake, or hanging out with friends and family.

Carolyn Bush

Carolyn "el Jefe" Bush is the mastermind behind the eCommerce department and is always thinking of ways to drive sales and engagement. Whether she's sending emails at 3am on a Tuesday, running revenue reports at noon on a Saturday or sending texts at 8pm on a Sunday, Carolyn puts her all into making sure thrives. It's a good thing Carolyn's enthusiasm is infectious and she puts her passion toward doing what's best for Cracker Barrel and the eCommerce team.

Outside of work, Carolyn loves spending time with her daughter, Nora, and their three shih tzus, Grizzly Bear, Sugar Bear and Honey Bear. This story isn't about Carolyn and the Three Bears, though. This is about Carolyn and her daughter, who enjoy hiking local trails, paddle boarding, vacationing, singing along to musicals, dancing and much more! In her spare time, Carolyn also enjoys staying active through yoga, running, walking wherever possible (no matter the weather) and she just spun back into cycling. Oh yeah, and she also finds time to complete full cookbooks of recipes, just because. We're not convinced Carolyn actually sleeps, but we have plenty of pillows and quilts online in case she wants to!